Semiannual print/ebook/PDF; h (fic/nonfic/art)
    Pay: fic/nonfic=3¢/word; art=$30
    Words: fic=up to 4000; nonfic=up to 1000
    RT: 2-4 weeks
    Reprints: invite only
    E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY
    (For Queries & Submissions)

    Reading Periods: vary, see GLs
    Annual Deadlines: Oct issue=01Jul; Apr issue=01Jan
    1st Issue Debut: October 2017

    Additional Submission Info
    • Type of electronic submissions accepted: attach as a Word or .RTF file and send to the editor's contact e-mail address in the main listing
    • Simultaneous submissions accepted: yes
    • Multiple submissions accepted: yes
    • This market also does NOT accept postal mail entry submissions