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Last Updated: Monday, 20 February 2017

35 Market Listings

Fresh Updated:
Space & Time - temp. closed to fiction & poetry subs
Betwixt - on indefinite hiatus
Kaleidotrope - open to subs
Gallery of Curiosities - moved to Under 1K/Poetry/Audio page
Strangelet - closed by editor
Mythic Delirium - reading period change
The Pedestal Mag - new GLs URL & poem reading period date
New Zenith - closed by editors

Robert Laughlin's Biennial Market Updates:
Abyss & Apex, Andromeda Spaceways Mag, Bracken, Breath & Shadow, Crimson Streets, Electric Spec, Expanded Horizons, Fantasy Scroll, Lackington's, Leading Edge, Metaphorosis, Mythic Delirium, Neo-opsis, New Myths

This page contains periodical markets that pay from 1¢/word to 2.99¢/word for works of all lengths for short stories and/or articles (based on the mean average between the shortest and the longest accepted word counts) that do not include fiction written by the publisher(s), editor(s), or staff. Read the complete guidelines carefully before submitting. If in doubt contact the editor. Try to read at least one issue to get a feel for what is wanted. US ($), UK (£), or EU (€) currency are used unless otherwise noted. Addresses are US unless noted otherwise. These listings are provided in good faith with the belief the info is correct, but accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in them. The fact that an entry is listed here is no guarantee that said entity will ever publish anything. Contact with any editor or publisher is at the contributor's own risk. encourages all potential contributors to do a web search of the editor's and/or publisher's name before submitting to them. Each visitor assumes all risk associated with the use or misuse of the information here.

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Click on Publication Title for Full Guidelines
Click on E-subs: LINE for Submission Details

The editor's e-mail link is for Info/Queries only if marked (Q),
... and the E-subs address(es) will found in the guidelines.
The e-address is for Info/Queries & E-subs if marked

This logo (DLS) is a link to a pertinent editor interview at D.L. Snell's Market Scoops!
(Be aware that these interviews may be quite old and not pertinent at this time.)

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 01 February 2017: genres, pay, reading period material types, & submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
  • ABYSS & APEX - quarterly webzine; sf/f, no h (fic/flash/poem). Pay: fic/flash= 6¢/word ($75 max.); poem=$5.50. Words: fic=1½k-10k (if longer query); flash=<1250; poem=(see GLs). RT: <8 months. Reprints: no, solicited only. E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY. (Q).  2017 Reading Periods: flash=1st week in Feb; fic/flash=1st week in May/Aug/Nov; poetry: all of May/Nov.   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 01 February 2017: new title; word count, pay, submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
  • ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS MAGAZINE - quarterly print/PDF; sf/f/h, keyword: fun (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: 1AU¢/word (min AU$20/max AU$100), AU$10 for poetry & Flash; +1 PDF copy to all. Words: fic/flash/nonfic=<10k (<20k for subscribers & Aus/NZ writers); poem=<2 pages. RT: <7 months. Reprints: query. E-subs: ONLY.   [Top]

    UPDATE - 06 February 2017: on indefinite hiatus; moved to Submission Static page    Robert Laughlin
  • BETWIXT - ON INDEFINITE HIATUS biannual webzine/e-book/POD; all genres (fic). Paid: 3¢/word (max. $225 for 7500 words). (Q).   [Top]

    MARKET NOTE - 06Jan17: closed to poem subs until 27Feb17; open to fiction & art
    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 02 February 2017: publication schedule, reprints, submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
  • BRACKEN - approx. triannual webzine; f/MagReal/fabulism (fic/poem/art). Pay: fic=2¢/word; poem=$15. Words: fic=<2½k; poem=<100 lines. RT: <30 days. Reprints: no. E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY. Alina Rios, Editor-in-Chief (Q).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 02 February 2017: pay, word count, contact e-address changed    Robert Laughlin
  • BREATH & SHADOW - quarterly webzine; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/drama), authors must be disabled, prioritises New England writers. Pay: fic=$30; poem=$20. Words: fic/plays=<3k, poem=no max lines. RT: 3-5 months. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. , or use on site form (QS).   [Top]

    MARKET NOTE - 20Feb17: submission by invitation only for all of 2017
  • CIRSOVA HEROIC FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE - semiannual POD/e-book/PDF; science fantasy/Sword & Planet (fic). Pay: <2½k=2¢/word; >2½k=1¢/word. Words: 2k-7½k (not firm). RT: <2 months. Reprints: no. E-subs: BY INVITATION ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 02 February 2017: material type change    Robert Laughlin
  • CRIMSON STREETS - weekly webzine (with Kindle/iBooks/print compilations); pulp; no sf or westerns (fic/nonfic/art). Pay: 1¢/word. Words: 800-6k. RT: <2 weeks. Reprints: query. E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 06 February 2017: contact e-address change    Robert Laughlin
  • ELECTRIC SPEC - quarterly e-zine; sf/f/macabre (fic/flash/art). Pay: $20. Words: ¼k-7k. RT: <3 months. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 06 February 2017: pub schedule & content type changes    Robert Laughlin
  • EXPANDED HORIZONS - irregular (usually 4x/year) webzine; sf/f (fic/poem/reviews), no erotica, or excessive violence/gore; focus is on women & other under-represented backgrounds. Pay: fic/poetry/essays=$30. Words: <6k. RT: <1 month. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 08 February 2017: publication type addition    Robert Laughlin
    MARKET NOTE - 11Jul16: temporarily closed to submissions
  • FANTASY SCROLL MAG - bimonthly/annually webzine/e-zine, weekly podcast; f/sf/h (fic/micro/flash/nonfic/art). Pay: 1¢/word. Words: <5k. RT: < 60 days. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

  • THE FIRST LINE - quarterly print; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem), you must use the first line provided (see GLs). Pay: fic=$25-$50; poem=$5-$10; nonfic=$25, +copy. Words: fic=300-5k; nonfic=500-800. RT: 2-3 weeks after DL. Reprints: no. E-subs: PREFERS. (QS).   Deadlines: 01Feb, 01May, 01Aug, 01Nov.   [Top]

    UPDATE - 03 February 2017: moved to Under 1K/Poetry/Audio page, where it actually belongs    Robert Laughlin

  • GATHERING STORM MAGAZINE - bimonthly print/e-book/PDF/audio; sf/f/h, open to all (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/comics), theme: see GLs. Pay: fic/flash/art/comics=$25; poem=$10; nonfic=$0. Words: <2k (poem=<½k). RT: <2 months. Reprints: no. E-subs: OFF SITE FORM ONLY. (Q).   Theme Deadlines: see GLs.   [Top]

  • JAMES GUNN'S AD ASTRA - semiannual print/webzine; sf/f (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: fic=$50; poem=$20. Words: fic=<7½k (prefers 2½-5k); poem=(not stated). RT: <1 month (query after 3 months). Reprints: no. E-subs: ON SITE FORM ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    UPDATE - 06 February 2017: open to submissions until 31 March 2017    Robert Laughlin
  • KALEIDOTROPE - quarterly webzine; sf/f/h/cross-genre/slipstrm (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/photo/comics). Pay: fic=1¢/word; poem=$5; art=$40-60. Words: 250-10k (query if longer); poem=no limits. RT: <3months. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   Annual Readings: vary (see GLs).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 09 February 2017: themes, pay changes    Robert Laughlin
    MARKET NOTE - 29Dec16: closed to submissions until spring 2017
  • LACKINGTON'S - quarterly online PDF; sf/f/mythopoeic/fable/folklore/magreal/post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk/mythpunk/steampunk (fic/art), some issues themed. Pay: CAD1¢/word (CAD$25 min). Words: 1½k-5k. RT: <2 months. Reprints: if pub. in non-English countries (see GLs). E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 09 February 2017: pub type, editor, RT, pay, submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
  • LEADING EDGE (BYU) - semiannual print/digital; classic sf & f (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: fic=1¢/word ($10 min/$50 max); poem=$5-$20. Words: fic=<15k (prefers <10k); poem=no limits. RT: 1 year. Reprints: no. E-subs: YES. (Q).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 09 February 2017: contact, content type, words, RT, submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
  • METAPHOROSIS - 1 story/week webzine; sf/f (fic/art). Pay: 1¢/word. Words: <10k (prefers 1k-6k). RT: <1 week. Reprints: no. E-subs: OFF SITE FORM ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 10 February 2017: submission details change    Robert Laughlin
    UPDATE - 01 February 2017: reading period change... will be open 01March to 01 May 2017    Robert Laughlin
  • MYTHIC DELIRIUM - quarterly e-book/monthly webzine; all genres (fic/poem). Pay: fic=2¢/word; poem=$5. Words: <4k (firm!). RT: < 2 months. Reprints: solicited only. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 10 February 2017: pay, words, reading periods, submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
    MARKET NOTE - 18Jan17: open to submissions until 15Feb17
  • NEO-OPSIS SF MAGAZINE - triannual print; sf, some f (fic/poem/art). Pay: 2½Can¢/word (Can$125 max.) +copy/discounts. Words: <6k (not firm). RT: prelim=<8 weeks; final=longer. Reprints: no. E-subs: YES. Karl Johanson, Editor (QS)..   Reading Periods: 15Jan-15Feb.   [Top]

    RL's BIENNIAL UPDATE - 10 February 2017: new title, content, submission details changed    Robert Laughlin
  • NEW MYTHS - quarterly webzine; f/sf, no pornography (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: fic/flash/poem/nonfic=1½¢/word ($30 min.); art=$60 & up; reviews=$30. Words: <10k; reviews=½k-1k. RT: 60-90 days. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   Reading Periods: 01Jun-31Jul & 01Jan-28Feb.   [Top]

    UPDATE - 23 January 2017: ending publication; winter & spring issues canceled    Vonnie Winslow Crist
  • NEW ZENITH MAGAZINE - was quarterly print/digital/webzine; all genres except erotica (fic/poem/art/comics/photo/audio). Paid: fic/poem <250=$5, 251+=2¢/word; photos/photo stories=$7; art/cartoons=case by case. (Q).   [Top]

    UPDATE - 01 February 2017: new guidelines URL; closed to submissions until 01May-21May 2017 for June "war" issue    Robert Laughlin
  • THE PEDESTAL MAGAZINE - irregular webzine; most genres (poem); some themes. Pay: = poetry=$40. Words: varies by issue (see GLs). RT: 4-8 weeks. Reprints: No. E-subs: OFF SITE FORM ONLY. (Q).   Reading Periods/Themes: vary (see GLs).   [Top]

  • PERIHELION SCIENCE FICTION - monthly e-zine; hard sf (fic/flash/nonfic/art/comics). Pay: fic=1¢/word ($75 max); Flash=$12; cover=$60. Words: fic=2k-8k; flash=400-1600. RT: 1-3 months. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

  • PHANTOM DRIFT: Writing the Weird, Wyrding the Word - annual perfectbound POD; cross genre slipstrm/magreal/lit sf/modern f/df/surreal/psychological/new weird, not open to traditional genre work (fic/nonfic/poem). Pay: $5/page ($10 min) +copy. Words: no limits specified, query. RT: <several weeks safter DL. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLINE FORM. (Q); & , Fiction Editors (Q); (Q).   Annual Reading Period: 01Jan-31Mar.   [Top]

  • RED SUN MAGAZINE - bimonthly print/e-pub; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic/art/comics). Pay: 3k-15k=$100; 15k-17k=$150; serials=$300; art/comics=$35; cover=$100; nonfic=$0; all=copies. Words: 3k-17k (prefers 3k-5k); serials=<80k; nonfic=<5k. RT: <2 months. Reprints: no. E-subs: OFF SITE FORM ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

  • REFRACTIONS - semiannual print/e-zine/e-book; sf/f/h; no erotica (fic/nonfic (reviews)/poem/art/comics), for ages 13-18. Pay: fic/essays=$50; others=$35; fic & art=$65. Words: 1k-5k. RT: <3 weeks. Reprints: yes, if marked as such. E-subs: ONLY. (QS); .   [Top]
    Reading Periods: open year-roundAnnual Deadlines: Fall: 1 October, Spring: 1 March

  • THE SOCKDOLAGER - quarterly webzine; sf/f (fic). Pay: 2cent;/word. Words: 1k-5k. RT: <1 month. Reprints: yes, pays $15 flat. E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    UPDATE - 9 February 2017: temporarily closed to fiction & poetry submissions; art open year round    Robert Laughlin
  • SPACE & TIME - irregular print; all speculative genres (fic/poem & art queries). Pay: fic=1¢/word; poem=$5, art=$10-int/$25-cov. Words: fic=<10k; poem=<1 page. Reprints: query. E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    UPDATE - 03 February 2017: permanently closed by the editor    Robert Laughlin
  • STRANGELET - was bimonthly POD/e-book/annual antho; any speculative (fic/flash/nonfic/poem/art/graphic stories). Paid: <1¢/word. (Q).   [Top]

  • THREE-LOBED BURNING EYE - biannual webzine/annual print; h/df/MagReal/some sf (fic/flash). Pay: fic=$100; flash=$30 +1 print copy. Words: fic=2k-7k; flash=½k-1k. RT: <90 days. Reprints: no. E-subs: ON-SITE FORM. Andrew S. Fuller, Editor (Q).   [Top]

  • TRIPTYCH TALES - monthly (1 story) webzine/e-antho; slipstrm/urban f/sf, with contemporary settings (fic). Pay: $100 flat. Words: 2k-6k. RT: <2 months. Reprints: print only (no web, pays $50). E-subs: ONLY. (Q).   [Top]

    MARKET NOTE - 04Feb17: new issue in June 2017; closed to submissions until 2017
  • UNTIED SHOELACES OF THE MIND - biannual e-zine/audio; rom/action-adv/sf/f/humor/lit/h (fic). Pay: 3¢/word <1k words ($30 max). Words: prefers <2k. RT: <2 weeks. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. (QS).   [Top]

  • WEE TALES - semiannual print/e-zine/e-book; sf/f/h (fic/nonfic (reviews)/poem/art/comics), for ages 7-12. Pay: fic/nonfic=$50; others=$35; fic & art=$65. Words: 600-2k. RT: <3 weeks. Reprints: yes, if marked as such. E-subs: ONLY. (QS); .   [Top]
    Reading Periods: open year-roundAnnual Deadlines: Fall: 1 September, Spring: 1 February

  • ZYZZYVA: the journal of west coast writers & artists - quarterly print; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem/art). Pay: (thought to be Pay). Words: no limits. RT: "promptly." Reprints: no. E-subs: NONE!. (Q).   Annual Reading Periods: 01Jan-31May & 01Aug-30Nov.   [Top]

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