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1 October 2002
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Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza

Part 8: SON OF LOOSE ENDS, or How You Can Never Get it All Right the First Time -- or Even the Second!
by Ralan

I don't believe it, but, except for the one huge complaint I continue to get from editors, I only got one loose end for this. I expected dozens.

"Can I, as an overseas editor, add a word to your submission hints? Some authors don't seem to realise that US postage stamps are only valid in that country. When submitting outside the US you need to send two IRCs (International Reply Coupons). These can be exchanged for postage in any country and are obtainable at the post office." --Liz Counihan (Editor of Scheherazade a UK magazine)

The foreign stamp problem is a bugaboo. I live outside the U.S. but 80% of my submissions go there. Many publications now accept e-mail submissions (some just for foreign authors) and I'd like to encourage that trend. For those that don't, I buy 80-cent U.S. international rate stamps from the U.S. Postal Service's online post office (http://www.usps.com). For Canada and all of Europe, one of these is enough to get a two-page response sent back to you in a small SASE (my manuscript is always marked as a disposable copy). There is a small mailing change, so order a bunch of stamps at a time. This costs way less than those pesky IRCs!

For U.S. authors submitting to Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, or wherever ... there is help for you at http://www.mirror.org/terry.hickman/Postage.html a web site created and maintained by two generous and talented writers, Gregory Koster and Terry Hickman.

Now, about that one huge complaint I CONTINUE to get from editors: "Authors are not following the guidelines!" Now c'mon, guys and girls, do I have to go through this again? Actually I don't -- there are links to all my articles about the writing biz, and submitting properly, on my "Writing Help" page.


The next issue of Ralan's Market Report comes out on Tuesday, 5 November 2002


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Have a terrific & productive month. --Ralan


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