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3 February 2004
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Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza

Part 12: "A New Type of Listing, or How to Continue to Dance the Submission Dance"
by Ralan
There's a big change at Ralan's Webstravaganza.

When he started the web site back in 1996 most magazines didn't have web sites, or if so they didn't post their guidelines on them (just like they don't print them in the magazine). You could count the number of webzines on your fingers and toes (if you're like me and have thirteen of each!). So, the main goal then was to provide a place on the web where writers could find those hard to get guidelines (otherwise you had to write each and every publication with a SASE included).

It's different today, of course, and over the years the main focus of the web site has moved to providing contributors with the most up-to-date information on each market's current status. Thanks to many of you who write Ralan with market tips (and get your names and links to your web sites posted for your trouble) that's pretty well covered now. Of course, we're always trying to make it even better.

Due to the time it takes to post the full guidelines (and to change them every time a publication deletes a word or two) Ralan's been spending as much effort on doing that than on the up-to-dating. The obvious move was to drop them, and that's what we're doing.

Since November all new listings, and existing ones that are updated, have been changed to link directly to the publication's web site or online guidelines (if they have them -- we still carry full GLs for any that don't).

At the top of each market page is a new and important notice:


(Click On Publication Title For Full Guidelines)

The editor's e-mail link is for Info/Queries only if marked (Q)
... and the e-subs address(es) will found in the guidelines.
The e-address is for Info/Queries & E-subs if marked (QS).

And the new direct link listings look like this (this one's made up to match Ralan's dreams, sorry):

TALES OF THE CUSPIDOR - weekly print; sf/f/h (fic). Pay: 99/word. Words: 1-8k. RT: 1 hour max. Reprints: yes. E-subs: only. Lon G. Spittor, Editor. (Q)

The title is a direct link to the magazine's online guidelines (the editor allowed us an inside link), and the editor's name is an e-mail link. Notice the (Q) -- that's VERY important. It means, according to the notice at the top of the page (remember that one?), that you MUST NOT send your submission to that e-address. You'll find the e-sub address you should use in the online guidelines. Always use that. The reason this is so important is that not only will the editor most likely delete your submissions without reading it, but also that I will crawl through the Internet cable and bite you hand the first time you open your drink holder tray (okay, some people call it a CD-ROM disc tray!).

If there's a (QS) after the editor's name then you can use that e-address for both queries (or questions) and e-submissions without fear of being chomped.

Ralan's already had an editor complain that writers were using her (Q) e-mail address to send e-submissions, so let's get this right gang -- OKAY? A (Q) means you can't send e-subs to that e-address. A (QS) means you can. Simple.

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