Traditionally shared revenue markets have followed a pattern of not selling well, therefore authors who participate have not earned more than token amounts of royalties. This appears to be changing, however. New models, based on solid plans for quality publications and innovative marketing strategies, are now a reality. While no publisher can guarantee a higher royalty rate for authors, some few are making great efforts with these new models and deserve to be supported. Whether or not they achieve their lofty goals remains, like the original concept of shared royalties at its incept, to be seen. They should be given the same chance.

All models of shared revenue markets are determined by Ralan.com. Sufficient evidence must be provided to warrant a "Pay", "Semopro", or "Pro" model determination. By giving this rating, Ralan.com does not imply that the publication will, in fact, compensate it's authors with more than a token royalty (or any at all), only that the potential is present. Authors must make up their own minds whether or not to participate.

Qualification is based on:
  • A concrete range of book stores, web sites, retail outlets, etc. that will offer the finished product for sale to the general public.
  • Experience and/or reputation of the publisher and/or editor.
  • The number and quality of name authors involved in the project, which can be reasonably be assumed will boost sales to a Pay, Semipro, or Pro level.
  • A complete, well-thought-out marketing plan.
Ralan.com is not responsible for these publications, and makes no claim that they will, in fact, pay royalties above the token level (or any at all), fulfill their other stated goals, or indeed even ever be published. Authors must make their own choice about participating or not. Responsibility rests solely on the publisher and the authors who participate.