—Submission Info—

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: attach as a MS Word or similar file, no .PDFs and send to --OR-- and send to the editor(s)'s contact email address in the main listing
  • Other submission info: Submissions should be accompanied by a short author bio (no more than 200 wds). You are welcome but not required to share any identity information which you would like to share. This information will not be published without consultation with you. Agented submissions are welcome, but agents are not required. If you do have an agent you should indicate so with your submission and provide contact information for their representatives.
  • Rights asked for: World rights to the story in English and foreign languages for print, ebook, and non-dramatic audio (ie standard audiobook), as part of the anthology only. This will be exclusive for a period to be negotiated.
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: yes
  • Multiple submissions accepted: no
  • This anthology does NOT accept postal mail submissions