—Submission Info—

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: attach as a .DOC, .DOCX, .ODT, .TXT, .RTF, .TEX file and send to the editor's contact email address in the main listing
  • * Note about payment: this anthology states the pay rate of 2½¢/per word is for works from 5k to 15k words (not firm, but you must query if your submission is more or less than the stated minimum/maximum words), but the maximum amount of payment is capped at $100. Since only any story under 4k words can be paid at a rate less than $100 this means thay they are actually paying a flat rate of $100 for any story that falls within their word limit range. The reason for this is explained HERE
  • Rights asked for: non-exclusive print and electronic rights in North America
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: yes
  • Multiple submissions accepted: yes, maximum of 2, with 1 per author to be published
  • This anthology does NOT accept postal mail submissions