Submission Info

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: format as a .RTF, .DOC, but prefers .DOCX (images as .JPG or a link) files and use this on site submission form, free registration required (NOTE: ; the submit page is only visible during a submission period); for video they ask for a link to view the video and ask that it is submitted in both MP4 and WEBM for compatibility across all browsers
  • Biography Info: The information you enter into the ‘My Biography’ box will be publicly accessible if we accept one or more of your submissions. Once your submission is accepted, information in this bio box will be accessible from the login page through the “Contributor Bios” item in the menu. Only enter information in the bio box you are happy to have the whole world see. Do not copy your submission information into this box. You can change this information any time you wish, or delete it completely.
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: no
  • Multiple submissions accepted: no
  • This market does NOT accept postal mail entry submissions at this time