• Type of electronic submissions accepted: Online Form ONLY! All submissions must be in standard manuscript format and submitted in .DOC format. Your cover letter should state the length of your story, your publishing history (briefly!), and any other relevant information; first-story submissions should be addressed to EQMM's Department of First Stories
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: no
  • Multiple submissions accepted: Fiction/Flash=no; Poem=yes (separate form submission for each)
  • Stories submitted to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine are not also considered by or for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine — submissions to AHMM must be made separately.
  • This publication will continue to accept paper submissions only from established authors who do not have the technical capability to submit electronically.
    • Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
    • 44 Wall Street, Suite 904
    • New York, NY 10005-2401
    • U.S.A.

  • Stories submitted to EQMM are not also considered by or for Alfred Hitchkock's Mystery Magazine, though they share the same address. Submissions to AHMM must be made separately.