Submission Info

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: format as a .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX file and submit using the Moksha online submission system. Fantasy only accepts anonymous submissions. Do not include your name, address, phone number, or other similar identifiers on the manuscript. All original short fiction, flash fiction, and poetry submissions will be read anonymously on first read: moving out of slush depends on the merits of the story alone. Please make sure the title is on the manuscript.
  • Cover Letters: Your cover letter may include your name and other identifying elements. It should contain the length of your story, your publishing history, and any other relevant information (e.g, if you send us a fantasy story about the Byzantine empire and your doctoral dissertation was on Byzantine empire politics, mention that). If you donít have credentials to cite, donít worry! We care about your story, not your resume. If youíre not sure what should go in your cover letter, this article (http://www.inkpunks.com/2011/02/12/lessons-from-the-slush-pile-your-cover-letter-and-you/) on cover letters might help.
  • Rights taken: see contract here: https://www.adamantpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Adamant_Press_original_fiction_contract.pdf
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: no
  • Multiple submissions accepted: Do not submit more than one set of poems at a time (up to six poems in the same document). You can, however, submit both poetry and fiction at the same time.
  • This publication does NOT accept postal mail or e-mail submissions