Submission Info

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: attach as a .DOCX, .DOC or .RTF file and send to the editor's contact email address in the main listing; documents should be double-spaced in 12 point (size) Times New Roman font, italicized words should be in italics, not underlined
  • Other Submission Info: "While we do not restrict the use of profane language, violence or explicit sexual situations, use them judiciously, if you must. Please make sure that your complete contact information is at the top of the first page of the manuscript. This should include your name (and pen-name if being used, clearly marked) and your address, phone number and email address. There is no need to submit a cover letter. If you feel the need to explain the story then it probably needs to be re-done. It should stand by itself."
  • Rights asked for: query
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: no
  • Multiple submissions accepted: query
  • This market does NOT accept postal mail entry submissions