• Type of electronic submissions accepted: MUST BE SUBMITTED TO BAEN'S BAR (login required - free registration), in the "1632 Slush" conference — you will be required to send your story as .RTF or .DOC file IF it is selected from Baen's Bar

  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: yes, but Eric Flint retains the rights to the 1632 universe setting, as well as the characters in it, so you will need to obtain his permission if you wish to publish the Work or use the setting and characters through anyone other than the /Grantville Gazette /or Baen Books even after the rights have reverted to you. However, there shall be no separate licensing of the story by the Publisher except by mutual agreement with the Authors. Authors will retain copyright and all other rights except as listed above.

  • Multiple submissions accepted: yes

  • This publication does NOT accept postal mail submissions

  • All stories and articles must first be posted in a conference in Baen's Bar set aside for the purpose, called "1632 Slush" — do not submit them any other way, they will NOT be read!

  • This market requires that you research both Eric Flint's 1632 Universe and the real history of that time period, but also that you use a character who must be approved by the Gazette Editorial Board beforehand. You can download a list of available characters HERE.