Submission Info

  • Type of electronic submissions accepted: post to "Baen's Universe Slush" conference section of Baen's Bar (free registration required); this is a fairly complicated process, so see the guidelines page for full instructions
  • Word Count Clarification: this publication prefers stories under 15,000 words, with a strong preference for under 10,000 words, however, they will consider longer (novella-length) works, but will have to split longer stories over multiple issues
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted: yes
  • Multiple submissions accepted: yes, but exercise reasonable restraint and do not flood the newsgroup with too many stories at once. If you have two stories to submit, it's fine to post them both at the same time. But if you intend to post three or more stories, then consider posting them one per week—then after the last one, post the revisions one story per week.
  • This publication does NOT accept postal mail submissions

  • * NOTE: this is a Non-Contacted Pro Market (NCPM). The information in this listing has therefore been determined by the official submission guidelines (see main link) and other reliable (such as press releases) information available on the public Internet. Any information not available may be designated as "unknown." No CONTACT e-mail address has been found and it is not known if the editors do, in fact, desire contact. The e-mail SUBMISSIONS address named must be assumed to be only for submissions. Use of it as a CONTACT e-address is strongly discouraged and at your own risk. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.