Quarterly print/PDF/ePub/mobi rom/mys/action/adv (speculative elements OK) (fic/micro/flash/nonfic/poem/art/comics/photos)
    Pay: fic=3¢/word; drabble=6¢/word; flash=2¢/word; serials=3¢/word; poem=2½¢/line; nonfic=$15/$35.
    Words: fic=1k+1-1½k; drabble=100; flash=½k-1k; serials=5k-10k; poem=<100 lines; nonfic=<5k.
    RT: 2-3 weeks.
    Reprints: no.
    E-subs: E-MAIL ONLY.
    (for Queries only, do not send submissions to this address, use the link below)

    Reading Periods: 1-15 Sep, 1-15 Dec
    1st Issue Debut: November of 2017

    Additional Submission Info
    • Type of electronic submissions accepted: FICTION, etc. attach as a .RTF or .DOC file; ART, etc. attach as a .JPEG, .PNG file; SEND to
    • Simultaneous submissions accepted: yes
    • Multiple submissions accepted: no
    • This market does NOT accept postal mail entry submissions