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Last Changed: Monday, 1 August 2022                 12 Contest Listings

Listed in the Last Month:
Weird Christmas 2022 - annual; SpecFic/sf/f/h/humor/weird (flash); no fee; prizes=$275
To Hull And Back - biennially; any humorous genre (flash/fic); total prize pot=3,860

Listings on this page contain fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry contests and are a service to those who enjoy competitions. I do not seek out contests, but will post those that are brought to my attention if they appear legitimate: having a minimum 1-to-10 payout ratio (e.g.: a US $5 fee needs to award a US $50 average prize per winner, including publication only prize winners, so a $5 fee with 10 winners of anything requires a $500 total payout), and do not include fiction written by the publisher(s), editor(s), judge(s), or staff.

Some require an entry fee and I take no responsibility for how those fees are used, or for the management (or lack of it) of these contests. Enter at your own risk!

Read the complete rules and guidelines carefully before entering. Try to read former winners to get a feel for what is required. If in doubt, contact the responsible party(ies). US currency and addresses are used unless otherwise noted.

These listings are provided in good faith with the belief the info is correct, but accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in them. The fact that a contest is listed here is no guarantee that said entity will carry through with the contest, or ever publish anything. Contact with any editor or publisher is at the contestant's own risk. encourages all potential competitors to do a web search of the contest's, the editor's, and the publisher's name before entering. Each visitor assumes all risk associated with the use or misuse of the information herein.

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The editor's email link is for Info/Queries only if marked (Q),
... and the E-subs address(es) will found in the guidelines.
The e-address is for Info/Queries & E-subs if marked

  • APEX MICROFICTION CONTEST (search page for "Apex Micro") - monthly; sf/h/f; theme (micro). Words: <250. Fee: $0. Prize: 2¢/word, or free e-book. Reprints: no. Judge: McKenzie Johnston. E-subs: EMAIL ONLY. Contact: (QS).   [Top]
    Open Date: 19th of each monthDeadline: 26th of each monthResults: 8th of each monthPubDate: 10th of each month

  • DREAM QUEST ONE POETRY & WRITING CONTESTS - semiannual; all genres (fic/nonfic/poem). Words: fic/nonfic=<5 pages; poem=<30 lines. Fee: fic/nonfic=$10; poem=$5. Prizes: 3 fic/nonfic=$850; 3 poem=$425. Reprints: yes, if original. E-subs: EMAIL ONLY. Contact: (QS).   [Top]
    Opens (summer/winter): 1 January/1 August
    Deadlines (summer/winter): 31 July/31DecemberResults & PubDates (summer/winter): 31 August/31 January

    MARKET NOTE - 01Jan22: OPEN to entries for the Spring contest
  • F(R)ICTION WRITING CONTESTS - biannual; all genres, push boundaries (flash/fic/poem; +creative nonfic in spring only). Words: flash=<1k; fic=10017½k; poem=<3 pages; creative nonfic=<6k. Fee: $10-$15. Prizes: $300-$1,000; pro edits, +pub with art. Reprints: no. Judges: Stephen Graham Jones, Damhnait Monaghan, Emma Bolden, & Hannah Grieco. E-subs: OFF SITE FORM ONLY. Contact: Judge for each category (Q).   [Top]
    Fall Deadline: 28 April 2022Fall Results: 18 September 2022PubDates: vary

  • L. RON HUBBARD'S WRITERS OF THE FUTURE CONTEST - quarterly; sf/f/h/SpecFic (fic). Words: <17k. Fee: $0. 3 quarterly prizes=$2250 +pub; 1 annual Grand Prize=an additional $5000. Reprints: no. E-subs: ON SITE FORM ONLY. Contact: (Q).   [Top]
    Quarterly Submission Periods: 01Jan-31Mar; 01Apr-30Jun; 01Jul-30Sep; 01Oct-31DecResults: 12 weeks <DLPubDate: yearly

  • N3F AMATEUR SHORT STORY CONTEST - annual; sf/f/h (fic). Words: <8½k. Fee: $0. 3 prizes=$100 & 1 HM ($0). Reprints: no. Name of Judge: Jefferson P. Swycaffer. E-subs: YES. Contact: (QS).   [Top]
    Annual Open Date: 1 January
    Annual Deadline: 31 DecemberResults: 15 February (or earlier)Publication: negotiated

  • POETRY NOOK WEEKLY CONTEST - weekly; any and all genres (poem). Words: no limits. Fee: $0. Annual Prize: $1000. Weekly Prizes: 1st=$50; occasional HM=$20. Reprints: yes. Judges: Editorial Staff. E-subs: ON SITE FORM ONLY. Contact: (Q).   [Top]
    Opens & Closes: Sundays at midnight ESTResults: Wednesdays

  • SOLARPUNK MAGAZINE'S MONTHLY MICRO FICTION CONTEST - monthly contest; sf/f/h with a solarpunk aesthetic (micro fic), some themes. Words: <250. Fee: $0. 1 Monthly Prize: $25 +pub. Reprints: no. Judges: various Solarpunk Mag team members. E-subs: OFF SITE (Moksha) FORM ONLY. Contact: (Q).   [Top]
    Reading Periods & Themes: 2022: 21-27 Jan, Afro-Solarpunk Futures (black authors only); 18-24 Feb, Climate Fiction; 18-24 Mar; 15-21 Apr; 20-26 May, Queer Futures (LGBTQIA2S+ authors only); 17-23 Jun; 15-21 Jul; 19-25 Aug; 16-22 Sep, Indigenous Solarpunk Futures (Indigenous authors only); 21-27 Oct; 18-24 Nov; 16-22 Dec
    PubDate: each month in 2022Results: following month

    MARKET NOTE - 12Oct21: closed until new contest starts in January 2022
    NEW LISTING: 07 July 2022
  • TO HULL AND BACK: humorous short story competition - biennially; any humorous genre (flash/fic). Words: <2½k. Fee: until 31Mar 2023: 1 story=13, 2 stories=21, 3 stories= 26; 01Apr-30Jun 2023: 1 story=15, 2 stories=24, 3 stories=30. Prizes: 1st Prize: 1,200, your head on the To Hull And Back Anthology cover and a trip to Hull on a Harley Davidson; 2nd Prize: 600; 3rd Prize: 300; 3 x Highly Commended: 150; 14 x Shortlisted: 75, 20 x Longlisted: 1 x free early bird entry fee for the next competition (worth 13) / total prize pot=3,860. Reprints: yes. Judges: Christopher Fielden plus up to 9 others, TBA in 2023. E-subs: EMAIL ONLY. Contact: (QS).   [Top]
    Deadline: 30 June 2023Results: October 2023PubDate: 31 October 2023

  • WEIRD CHRISTMAS FLASH FICTION CONTEST 2022 - annual; SpecFic/sf/f/h/humor/weird (flash). Words: <350. Fee: free. Prizes: $1st prize=$75; 3 category prizes=$50 each; 10 HMs=$5 each; +pub/podcast. Reprints: query. Judge: Craig "Kringle" Brewer. E-subs: EMAIL ONLY. Contact: (QS).   [Top]
    Deadline: 2 November 2022Results/PubDate: 15 December 2021

  • WOW! WOMEN ON WRITING QUARTERLY FLASH FICTION CONTESTS - quarterly; all genres (see judge's perferences) (flash). Words: 250-750. Fee: $10 (with critique=$20). Prizes: 1st ten get split of $900 + $25 Amazon GC, pub, & perks; 10 HMs get $20Amazon GCs. Reprints: yes. E-subs: ONLY. Contact: (Q).   [Top]
    Annual Open to Entries: 1Mar-31May, 1Jun-31Aug , 1Sep-30Nov, 1Dec-28FebAnnual Results: 1Feb, 1May, 1Aug, 1NovAnnual PubDates: 1Aug, 1Nov, 1Feb, 1May

  • ZOETROPE: ALL-STORY SHORT FICTION CONTEST - annual; all genres of literary fiction (fic). Words: <5k. Fee: $20. 3 Prizes=$1750 (& 7 HMs), lit agent consideration. Reprints: no. E-subs: ONLINE FORM. (Q).   [Top]
    Entry Dates: 1 July - 1 October (midnight PDT)Results: 15 DecemberPubDate: Spring following year

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